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Sam's Story...

As the creator of The Human Code™, and a Digital Transformation Leader with a passion for solving big global problems, I have committed my career and energy to mentoring and investing in the next generation of youth, in technology, and future leaders.

I started my IT career as a COBOL programmer, growing into strategic planning and execution roles within multiple Fortune 500 companies. After decades of leading large Business & Technology initiatives, I realized that teams and organizations struggled with common fundamental problems, inefficient communication and collaboration. Driven to solve this problem, I wondered..."What If". What if I could innovate in this area and began to continuously innovate and evolve by expanding in skills in the areas of marketing, neuroscience, psychology, behavioral science and more. The result was astonishing, a simple, tangible and practical framework for efficient communication and collaboration was born.

Ready to focus on driving change and solving a global problem, this “passion project” became the driving force. My reputation as a change agent is shaping future generations of innovators and problem-solvers. By simplifying IT, I realized the focus was on people and processes which could be applied with any technology, any industry and at a global scale. As the founder of ConnectMore, our vision is to inform, inspire and engage both business and technology colleagues in creating a Synergy Revolution.

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