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Communication Simplified. 4 Colors changed my world!

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

"Think Different. Speak Unified." – Founder, CEO of ConnectMore

How the simple act of combining love language with the 4 Colors from The Human Code saved our marriage and sanity!

Happy Couple
Happy Couple

Read more to see how this simple hack helped this "Woman in Tech Leader ~ Mother ~ Wife ~ Sister ~ Daughter" to learn how to live a happier life with other people (not robots)!

As the creator of The Human Code, Sam shares key highlights that can save you from unnecessary drama and frustration.

What is wrong with them...

This is typically what I hear when couples are so frustrated with each other for a range of different reasons. The important thing here is to understand and respect different perspectives, to actively listen to each other with your own agreed to boundaries. Once you take a respectful approach with each other you will get to the core of the issue/concern and be able to decode or reduce the emotional reactions that make us human and instead, learn to respond to each other (i.e.. the smart approach to good communication).

Diversity is difficult.

Diversity in relationships is difficult and creates friction. Different backgrounds, life experiences, cultures, and opinions lead to better decisions, but getting there isn't easy.

<IT> Matters.

Does it really matter to you? Whatever <IT> is, then invest the time and energy required to build it. For example, a Trusted Partnership is built on a foundation of love and respect for self and others. After 22 years of marriage and a partnership in parenting, David and I have absolutely experienced this and we are constantly working on our relationship every single day! It takes work and dedication!!!

Take Action.

Lastly, knowing just a little bit about communication and our love languages will go a long way in helping your relationship to succeed during this journey of life! To Take Action and learn more about Better Communication and The 5 Love Languages, visit

Don’t Forget to download Sam's FREE Book Review

The key takeaway is to continue investing and growing in your relationship goals. No excuses - take a few seconds to download Sam's Summary of the invaluable book by Gary Chapman called, "The 5 Love Languages". Take Action Now, click below for FREE download!

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